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 ~~~~~Cash Bars ~~~~

We will provide everything you need for a fully functional Cash Bar including all bar equipment,  glassware or disposeable, a varied selection of stock, uniformed staff and licensing. Your guests will then pay for their own drinks!

Our cash bar hire service is the most popular option for any kind of event as our service can and will very much revolve around your requirements, removing any additional stress from the planning for alcohol at your event.

This mobile bar hire option is popular choice as cash bar means that people pay for their drinks the same as they would in a pub, hotel or restaurant bar.

We want to work around you and ensure that we are able to add some of those perfect finishing touches to any event. Whether you want to serve standard items like draught beer, wine, and spirits, or would like a more bespoke mobile bar solution our team can help make sure your event ends with a bang with the right drinks choices.

Our team will set up and clear down before and after your event, so that means another less thing for you to have to worry about.

Find out more about what is included in our cash bar hire package, what this bar is suitable for, and pricing below.

 ~~~~~What is included? ~~~~~

We will endeavour to adhere to any requests that you have.  Our standard cash bar service includes:

A Full Front Bar & Back Bar Set Up

Top quality draft beer system

Full glassware

Your selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks


Garnishes (including ice)

Professional & experienced bar staff

Temporary Event Notice if required

If there is anything in particular that you would like on the menu, please say and we will try our hardest to source.

 ~~~~~What is it suitable for? ~~~~~

Our cash bar service is suitable for most events & is the ideal solution for any event & event organiser that is looking to:

Avoid any hassle and stress

Have everything taken care of for you

Would like your guests to pay for their drinks

Cash bars are a simple and cost effective solution for any event; whether it be a wedding, Christmas party, birthday, anniversary celebration, corporate event or festival.

 ~~~~~OPEN BARS ~~~~~

Our Open Bar package will also provide everything you need for a fully functional bar except with this package, you will pay for your guests’ drinks! You can either have an unlimited amount put behind the bar throughout the duration of the event, or you can have a set spend limit that must be reached before guests begin to be charged for drinks.

Open bars our perfect for getting the party going, and ensuring your guests have a perfect night without even having to get our their purses and wallets. Our open bar package is very similar to our cash bar package in that there must be 100+ guests attending and the bar must be running for 6+ hours, however with this option, you pay for the drinks served rather than charging your guests.

As your guests will not have to pay for any drinks at your event, after the event you will be given a full break down of the drinks consumed by your guests. Yes you may be concerned that what if people go a bit overboard; if this is the case you can set limitations which we will be happy to enforce for you, such as ‘no doubles’ or ‘no bottles of wine’.

Take a look at what is included in our open bar package, what they are suitable for and the details of the pricing below.


 ~~~~~What is included? ~~~~~

If you would like to hire one of our open bar packages for your next event, you can find out everything that will be included, along with the ability for you to select bespoke drinks below:

A Full Front Bar & Back Bar Set Up

Full glassware

A selection of alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks

Garnishes (including ice)

Professional & experience bar staff

Temporary events notice (TEN) so that you can sell drinks legally

 ~~~~~What is it suitable for? ~~~~~

Again this solution means that we will take care of everything for you, removing some of the stress and hassle of event planning. We will ensure that everything is set up, managed effectively, and cleared down properly.

As this option tends to encourage guests to drink more, this bar hire option really is perfect for big parties where you really want your guests to have the time of their lives. But if you are cost conscious our cash bar solution could be better or do ensure you set limitations.

 ~~~~~Costs ~~~~~

To hire either our open bar or cash bar all we require is a £250 deposit to secure your booking.

This will then be refunded back to you if and when the bar takings reach a minimum of £1500.