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Vale Weddings

”Set in beautiful rural surroundings within the Vale of Glamorgan with the advantage of being a few minutes’ drive from Cardiff City Centre”

Coedarhydyglyn in St Nicholas is a private Grade I listed neo-classical regency villa and estate on the western edge of Cardiff.  The estate has been the venue for events such as The Gaunlet Games, Invincible, WelshFest and last year as a film set for Dr Who.

Wandering Events has been granted the privilege of using the immediate grounds of the Estate for the use of a unique venue for wedding receptions.  The area overlooks the beautiful Estate grounds and has the added advantage of overlooking the city of Cardiff to the east and beautiful rolling countryside to the West.

Weddings at Coedarhydyglyn are unique by offering an alternative wedding reception experience for couples largely centred around a beautifully decorated marquee, including unique activities, products/ services, entertainment, street food options as well as fine dining.

What’s Included in your Package?

24 hour use use of the Estate Grounds for your Wedding Reception Party.

Ample Space for the reception party, parking and glamping if required.

12 metre x 18 metre Marquee with flooring and lighting.

Power, Audio, Stage, Lights,

Licensed Bar

Planning of your Wedding Party.


Additional Costs

We will liaise with our trusted suppliers on your behalf or you may do this yourself.  For convenience we have grouped suppliers in the categories below.  You may also use your own suppliers if you wish.

Furniture & Decor


Fun & Entertainment

Flowers, Clothing, Jewellery

Cakes, Sweet Things & Gifts 

Luxury Extras